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Rooted in Science, designed by us.
Traditional App Stores are not designed for Digital Health App searches that meet objective, rigorous health quality standards.

We're reimagining the Digital Health search experience by developing guiding principles to identify, characterize, and assess health apps.
Here's a sneak peek of a few timely COVID apps
The Experience
1. Tell us who you are
Not all apps are meant for you. Some are meant for females, others for elderly people. Information such as your age and gender helps us match the adequate app.
2. Tell us what you're looking for
Apply the filters that suit your needs. For example, you can search for apps that are FDA approved, have sensor tracking, integrate with your EHR, and have a doctor's recommendation.
3. Search, compare and choose
Our comparison/ranking isn't based on number of downloads or user reviews. We took the subjectivity out of the equation to bring you an objective, transparent, and comparative view of the apps that match your search query.
4. View and manage your digital health app
Apps are constantly evolving: new features, bug fixes, etc. We help you manage your Digital Health solutions in a comprehensive dashboard that keeps track of the life cycle of each app, provide you with important updates, and even flag the ones that might be outdated.
Our Methodology
1. Identification
We search for digital health apps across a wide range of online resources such as vendor markets (Apple, Google store) and peer-reviewed literature.
2. Characterization
We analyse the general features of the health app such as target user, intervention strategy, and the app's function - taking into account the specific features related to the condition/disease.
3. Quality Assessment
We generate a score* for each health app across three categories:
  • Evidence-base: adherence to guidelines and recommendations, including scientific and clinical validation.
  • Trustworthiness: data management, reuse, protection and privacy, developer reputation and reliability.
  • Usability: quality of experience and app functionality.
*Our scoring method is based on the health industry standard Mobile App Rating Scale (MARS)
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